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5 Tips for Your Micro-Influencer Campaign

When it comes to choosing an influencer for that picture perfect, on-trend new marketing campaign of yours, there are an overwhelming amount of influencers to choose from. From big to small, global to local, millions to thousands, which one is the best fit for you?

A recent study has shown just how much reach a smaller influencer can have, especially compared to your average word-of-mouth consumer. They could be the best choice to reach a highly engaged audience and maximise conversions. Working with micro-influencers offers a number of advantages over the big guys. The content and creativity of campaigns won’t be impaired by using an influencer followed by truly loyal enthusiasts. As with macro-influencers, a campaign needs to be thought through properly before launching it. Here are some tips to get it right.

Find ‘the one’

The first tip may seem an obvious one, but you would be surprised how many people don’t follow this best practice example.

Looking at the influencers demographics will tell you a lot about the fit. If you want to target the fashion savvy 18–24-year-old, find an influencer that speaks their language and whose majority of followers are in that age group. So go out, speak to influencers and find out who their followers are to find your perfect fit.

Engagement is key

Being wowed and dazzled by follower numbers is absolutely normal. But once you look behind the glitz and the glam, you may notice that even though thousands of people really really love this influencer, they don’t engage much. If the comments section is more about ‘OMG you look so cute’ than ‘wow, that juice you just had looks yummy, where did you get it?’ maybe look for someone else. You want an active community of followers, who recommend and review the things they like and see from the influencer.

The truth is, great engagement leads to growth. Sharing and retweeting or reposting pictures, articles and posts is a fantastic way to generate brand awareness, so the more engaged the followers are, the more you will get out of your campaign.

Get yourself an army

Influencer marketing in itself, requires a lot of dedication and work. To help maximise your results, engage with more than just one influencer and create yourself an army of micro-influencers with similar audiences.

Of course, you can start with one specific influencer to test the waters and see how the campaign works, but a multitude of engaged audiences can simplify sending out your message whilst being communicated clearly and at a fraction of the cost of a big marketing campaign.

Work the networks

As mentioned in the previous tip, a range of micro-influencers works real wonders in terms of outreach. You can, of course, find single, independent social media personalities and work with specific individuals. Or you can find a network of connected influencers, who support each other, share content and comment.

This can prove to be highly effective, as consumers will see endorsements from not just one trusted expert, but by several. Not only does this increase trust in your brand, but may also increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Show some love

This is probably the most important point and one we have made plenty in previous articles. Build a relationship with your influencers! Really look at their channels before contacting them and make sure you approach them on an individual level. Appreciate their knowledge of their audience and communities, work with them and use their creativity to create great content.

Besides a good personal relationship, get them involved with your brand. It may start out as a sponsored post, but if someone truly loves your brand and what it stands for, they are sure to talk about it in the future and will follow you in new developments. Once a relationship is established, you may not even need to haggle over fees, they might just be happy to do it, because they stand 100% behind the product.

If you are looking for some help to find your perfect network of micro-influencers or just want to test the waters, drop us a message.

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