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8 Aspects to consider when choosing your perfect Influencer

No two influencer marketing campaigns are the same (well, they really shouldn’t be) and require careful planning and considered decisions to make it work for your brand. The most important part is collaborating with the right influencer. The creative force behind the campaign, marketers should always make sure that they find a perfect fit in terms of content, engagement and audience.

Finding the right influencer involves more than a quick Google search to find the list of the most followed YouTubers in your region. Before contacting your chosen ones, here are 8 aspects to analyse and consider.

1. How far can we reach?

When looking at potential influencers, most marketers may be tempted to look at followers and numbers of views only. This usually gives a good indication of how many people can be reached per post or video. It provides a good metric to judge the impact and popularity of the creator. However, do keep in mind that bots and other social media hacks can create false numbers, so make sure this is not the only metric that is being analyzed.

2. How many likes and shares are average?

A much more telling metric is the engagement rate. Likes, comments and shares on content show how active an audience is. It is also a clear indicator of which content is successful and works best for the influencer. The higher the engagement rate, the better. You want people to talk about your product, share it, recommend it. An engaged audience is more likely to get involved with campaigns than an inactive audience who purely views content.

3. A way to more brand awareness?

Influencer campaigns offer an opportunity for brands to reach a completely new audience through trusted creators on different social media platforms. Ideally, your campaign will reach a new audience as well as gain you new customers. If this is your key objective, micro-influencers may not be the best choice as they will provide a limited increase in brand awareness. Though if you are a local and small brand, this could still be a way to reach a new dedicated group of people.

4. Does the content work?

Does the content align with your brand aesthetic and ideals? Creators have very different approaches to content creation and it is vital to look closely at quality, consistency and type of content. All of these should be in line with what your company and products stand for to ensure a successful and natural campaign.

5. Who are they?

As you know, the influencer landscape is a crowded one. Especially in popular areas like beauty, fashion, travel or food, there are millions of influencers. Many do not seem to be heard above all the noise, so finding an influencer with a unique voice and personality will make your campaign stand out. This also includes the way the influencer talks to the audience, the choice of words and the general spirit of the channel.

6. Do we like the reputation?

Influencers, like many public figures, have a reputation and an image that they project to their audience. Whether they are DIY-gurus or extreme sports enthusiasts, an influencers reputation can work favourably for your brand. An image that is positive and generally aligns with your brand ideals.

A happy, generally uplifting creators will lend a degree of happiness which will be felt by the audience. An industry expert can really help build trust in your brand. Depending on the influencer, it is possible to encourage different sides of your brand to be seen.

7. Who’s the audience?

This is a very important aspect to consider. Who is the influencer’s audience? Influencer marketing campaigns are the most successful when they focus on a specific goal, be that building brand awareness, reaching new customers or increasing sales. Part of achieving that goal will be reaching a particular audience. Influencers know their own audiences, and partnering with them to communicate with those audiences about products, services and experiences that are relevant to them helps make your message more effective.

So, go out and find influencers whose audience is your target market. If your brand makes fantastic kitchen gadgets, a YouTuber that specialises in cooking will be a great fit. Scanning and getting information on subscriber and follower demographics before deciding on an influencer will make sure you will hit the sweet spot.

8. What’s the budget?

This is a very obvious consideration. Do you have a budget? From gifting products to small fees and high payments, there are many possibilities. Your marketing budget will decide who you can work with. Many big creators have set rates for different types of content. The best way to find out if someone is suitable, just reach out to their management or them personally. There are no standardized rates in the influencer industry, but marketers should use their analysis of the influencers metrics and campaign structure to determine how much they’re willing to pay and choose influencers accordingly. Sometimes, influencers are happy to talk to you about options and find a way to work together.

Should the term ‘influencer marketing’ still send your head spinning, let us know and we will share more information with you.

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