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Best Practice Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We know the online advertising space is crammed, constantly changing and can be confusing. To shine a little light in the darkness that is digital marketing and it’s many forms, here are some proven influencer campaigns, sponsorships and reviews that will show you just how effective marketing on social platforms using key players in your area of business can be.

We can’t think of any industry, where there isn’t a readily related YouTube or Facebook channel available to talk about your products.

So let’s get right to it.


The beauty industry is booming and thanks to many sponge-savvy millennials it’s easier than ever to learn just how to contour your cheekbones perfectly. Or which new products are to be had this year.

Campaigns with a beauty influencer are very straightforward, as they will usually just show how the product is best used and how to use them in a look. They can be asked to do a number of videos using different items from your product range. Or maybe create a whole look with just your makeup or brushes.


DIY is a great one for YouTube, people just love How-to videos and simple DIY advice. This can range from how to redecorate your room with a few handy tricks using spray paint and some marble foil, to how to build a new garden shed or cut these wooden planks with my awesome Sliding Mitre Saw to create deck decking for the garden.

Even plumbing, bricklaying and electrics have their channels and have a strong viewership.


Just like beauty, fashion is extremely an extremely popular medium amongst influencers. A simple ‘here, we have sent you some products’ review can lead to an immense increase in sales as well as sponsored shopping hauls and lookbook videos. Some bigger fashion labels take it a step further and design whole collections with influencers or engage some public figures to feature in their fashion videos.


If your Instagram feed isn’t covered in food photos, you have certainly missed out on a trend. The health food trend is still increasingly growing with pictures being shared and cooking videos being uploaded to videos. As this is a very visual medium, YouTube is a particularly great one as well as Facebook when one considers how amazing Tasty has done with their short videos over the past year.

Take use of the uninspired cooker and show them your products and how to use them in the best possible way. This is again, a very straight forward process. What do people want to see? How to use these spices and how good it will taste, once they have finished cooking it. And remember, making it look as tasty as possible is key to success.


Ah, the wonderfulness that is movies. But which one to watch? Fear not, there are plenty of great review channels out there who will tell you what they thought. Getting an influencer to talk about your movie is a great way to engage a new audience. Either approach a popular review channel, that has expert knowledge of the industry, or find an influencer who’s following would be your ideal target for that movie or TV show. Let them meet the cast or attend the premier, conduct an interview with the director or let them go behind the scenes.


As you may know, the online gaming community is huge. Gaming has become a proper career path, with thousands venturing to tournaments of their favourite games and watching the star teams claim the price. And even more of those fans enjoy watching their favourite gamer play online and follow the process.

So what better way to get new customer excited than to have their gaming idol play your game and give them a life experience?

If your brand belongs to a different industry than listed above, do contact usto learn more about relevant examples and any other help you need to plan your campaign.

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