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Best Practice Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns-Part 2

We continue where we left off with our first article on industry examples. From mighty Music to fast Vehicles, get inspired by what’s happening in the following industries.


Music covers, tutorials and videos are huge in the online space. YouTube especially has helped musicians grow and become worldwide celebrated artists. It is by far the best platform to promote your music related products and many will enjoy watching a carefully crafted guitar or the newest recording technologies. Just let your product speak for itself.


Who doesn’t love funny cat videos? Or puppies tumbling through a garden? But animal related videos don’t stop here. Many of our furry friends’ owners look for guidance and advice online, to find out about great toys, healthy foods and home accessories for their four-legged family members. An easy way to engage your new audience is by honest reviews by knowledgeable pet owners.


Facebook and YouTube alike, are a great source for many to catch up on missed goals, fastest laps and highest jumps. As many sports brands showcase their talents on social platforms, your chance to shine some light on your merchandise has come. Not only do clubs look for sponsorship, sports dedicated channels will surely review your product and talk about related developments.


How many travel YouTube channels do you follow? We simply cannot get enough of the far away places people travel to. A very visual medium, travel channels are a great way to promote your hotel or tour service. Or your adventure trek in the Himalayas.

Sending an influencer on tour to report from your destination is a great way to create buzz. Not only will it showcase it in the best way possible, a worldwide audience can be reached. Often, a simple invitation with expenses paid trip will get your ideal influencer to take part in that surf lesson you offer in Hawaii. And don’t forget to have your travellers share their amazing pictures on Instagram and Snapchat.


The world of technology is increasingly related to the digital world. So what better place to advertise it on? With the abundance of different brands, products and versions of technology out there, consumers are looking for guidance. Especially the younger generation will do that online now. And lucky for them, tech-savvy individuals have taken it upon them to explain the ins and outs of products on their blogs and YouTube channels. A great way to get some exposure is to ask a tech Guru.


Would you believe that there are YouTube channels dedicated to reviewing toys? And you would be surprised how many there are across the globe. As our youngsters are becoming more tech savvy than any generation before and YouTube introducing a platform just for children, a new way of marketing has come to life. Besides having your toys discussed by a big review channel, many family channels exists, that let their children play with the toys and simply film that. Or they will do an unboxing of birthday presents. Really, there are many ways to engage your toys and influencers online.


Top Gear might have started it, the joy of viewing cars, tanks and scooters being driven across countries, tested to their limits. Or just down the road to see how it would actually be in real live. A good way to have your vehicle promoted is by having an influencer do a performance review. This can range from crazy funny to serious and conservative, all depending on your preferences and target audience.

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