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How to make Influencer Marketing work on a Budget

Influencer marketing is certainly a hot trend in the digital marketing world of 2017.

Typically this strategy is available to big brands with big budgets, spending substantial amounts on well-known celebrities and uber-influencers. Often, small brands can’t afford to play in the same league. But there are some good news! If you are a small brand, you can indeed tap into audiences that are provided by well-connected influencers.

So, here are some tips to make influencer marketing work for those with limited resources.

Set realistic goals

Influencers are best at raising awareness and spreading the word about your wonderful product. We might as well be honest upfront. As fantastic as a super-spike in your sales sounds, be realistic when it comes to the goals of your influencer campaign. If you aren’t working with one of the Kardashian’s or an influencer with millions of followers, you will be disappointed expecting thousands of new purchases. But don’t disregard the positive effects smaller campaigns have. What are you really looking for? Raising brand awareness is a huge step in the right direction and will build up your brand’s image considerably.

Before embarking on the influencer journey, just have a realistic outlook and embrace the social media platforms that will make your brand shine.

Use small influencers

We have talked many a time about how great micro-influencers are for spreading the word for a considerably lower budget. We all love and trust these small channels we follow, purely for their personality or aesthetics, they are true to themselves, genuinely passionate about their content and often overlooked by the big leagues. But often, these smaller influencers have a highly engaged community behind them, share and spread the word with their friends and are delighted to work with brands they can stand behind. To find out more about the great benefits micro-influencers offer, we have recently published an article about all things micro.

Make it an easy process

For ease of campaign management, provide resources like products etc in a timely manner and talk about what you would like to have covered in posts. The key to a seamless experience for both you and the influencer is communication. Any deliverables should be agreed upfront and simply make sure you take your time to understand the influencers vision and to explain him or her yours. This is essential for both sides to be happy, but will also ensure that the results are much more on point. Agree on any KPI’s and goals upfront so you all have a goal to work towards. Remember, especially smaller influencer don’t do social media as a full time role and the effort that goes into keeping a social profile interesting is immense. Just try and make it as easy and fun as possible.

Use your products

If your budget is low and you cannot afford to pay for an influencer marketing campaign, there are still ways to work together with the insta-famous. A great way to go about this is gifting. Influencers who really enjoy your product and brand are very likely to talk about it. But don’t just send them something on a whim, strike up a conversation beforehand, explaining what you are doing and why you believe your products could be of interest to the influencer. Be sure to do your research on them, going simply by the number of followers will probably not work. The product needs to sit as natively as possible with their usual content.

Try to think outside the box when approaching them and show your brand is the best light possible to have it shine online.

Are you unsure on how to embark on the influencer journey? Get in touch and we will guide you through it.

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