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How to Make Sponsored Posts Stand Out

You’re casually scrolling through your social media feeds. Besides you’re best friends latest party extravaganza, great brunch shots and travel inspiration you are sure to stumble across a sponsored post. But in a world where content is everywhere, do we even notice sponsored content? We probably just scroll past them in casual fashion as we do with most other content and uninspiring articles. And that creates a challenge: How can you as a brand make the posts you sponsor stand out from the rest and be spotted in the jungle that is everyone’s news feed?

We have some recommendations that will make your future posts just shine that little bit brighter to be noticed:

Trust your Influencer

Of course, you should set KPI’s and specific goals for your influencer campaign, but it is imperative when working with an influencer that you trust them to deliver the goals. They have grown their audience consistently with their personal approach and genuine quality content. They know what will work and what doesn’t. Being on the pulse of trends, they can often reach beyond what you imagined in terms of creativity and engagement. Brands and influencers should work together to create the right type of content that will put the products and brand message forward without impacting the influencer’s authenticity.

Be innovative

Rather than doing exactly what everyone else is doing, think about an individual approach to your promotion. Something out of the ordinary that will just get you that click or share. Use new social media trends at their best and see the impact Instagram Stories, a Facebook live stream or amazing 360 pictures can have. Research the trends in your industry and then brainstorm how you can really use them. Work in gaming? How about virtual reality? There are so many ways to make your sponsored content stand out.

Get the niche reach

As mentioned in previous articles, research micro-influencers in your industry. The know-how and expertise they often offer in their field are the reason why they are followed by a highly engaged audience who trust them for them being them and not just because they are ‘in’ at the moment. Create an army of smaller channels, ideally even a connected community of influencers and let the word be spread naturally. This will not only ensure that your efforts reach a large group, it will also reach the right group. There is no point in paying lots to bigger influencers or someone who’s audience just won’t be interested in your fantastic offer.

Teach something

Have you ever ended up just watching Tasty videos, to learn three way to make chicken poppers or how to make a two-minute brownie? Or the loops of DIY tutorials on YouTube?

It is so hard to turn away from the content that teaches us something useful and cool. That is one reason why beauty influencers have been around for ages and really started the whole influencer marketing trend. The simplicity of teaching is wonderful, yet done the right way, is completely natural.

So, your challenge is to show the audience just how much faster, better and more exciting their life can get!

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