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How to Nail Influencer Marketing as a Food Brand

Social media is the holy grail for any food company’s marketing campaign. With the recent wave of food enthusiasts sharing their meals and snacks, spreading their recipes and ideas, recipe books are hardly used anymore. Everything is now available online, we watch YouTube cooking tutorials, get inspiration for picnic finger-food on Pinterest or have a look at Instagram for where to go for brunch in the local area. We might even follow the likes of Tasty on Facebook to get some quick dinner ideas.

So of course, most food brands and restaurants are already on these platforms. And luckily, there is a way to improve your digital presence even more. Partner up with social media influencers and let them spread the word about your fantastic goodies. The most vital platform for any food business at the moment is Instagram. Just take a look at the likes of the Feed Feed, gkstories, Felicity Spector or the Hemsley Sisters, food really is having a moment. We all eat with our eyes first and Instagram users happily provide us with much deliciousness, that gooey looking, chocolaty brownie suddenly becomes all we can think of, dinner simply has to be that Thai green curry with roasted peppers and heaps of coconut rice…

It’s all about the photo

You know that the quality of the photos will make it share-worthy, of course, your product and recipes are important too. But if the image doesn’t stand out from thousands of others your product just won’t get the attention it deserves. If the photo is beautiful and appetising, people will want to eat your food, simple right?

When looking into working with influencers, examine your own brand’s aesthetics carefully. Who would best suit your own image? And who could maybe put it in an even better light? Luckily, food is one of the most photographed items on Instagram, so it is easy to find inspiration and get an idea of what is working, in other words, what get’s liked and shared. If you want to collaborate with a number of influencers, there are two ways to do this.

  1. One is to choose some with very similar aesthetics to keep the campaign and aesthetics very coherent. This can be very beneficial when trying to create brand awareness and also if you are reposting these images to your own Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
  2. The other way is to freely choose influencers just by topic, which can reach many different demographics. Both ways have their pros and cons, before deciding, make sure to weigh them and choose the most appropriate for your needs.

Depending on your campaign, recognising different types of photography is also important. Choose the right tone for your campaign; are you trying to achieve a homey, warm feeling? A modern and trendy one? Or do you want the images to be artistic? They all have their merits, but you need to know who your target audience is and what they will respond to.


A little note on the side! Always make sure that your influencers of choice tell their fans where they can buy your product. And make sure it’s really stocked and refilled regularly in these stores, you do not want excited customers to not be able to find your delicious treats and waste all the effort that has been put into finding them in the first place.

Make it an experience

Content that creates an experience around your product is often highly effective. Generally, content is of an aspirational nature, encouraging the audience to take part in moments, events and get drawn in by a story. This will inspire viewers to recreate the experience or have one of their own. Great content will make your product attainable and easy to reach.

Giving the influencer creative freedom to incorporate your product naturally into their channels will allow them to natively use foods how they usually would, adding to the appeal that makes their followers subscribed to them initially. Using the influencers voice to tell their followers just how amazing your food is will really help set the tone and increase brand awareness.

Make sharing fun!

Have competitions, create your own hashtag, let people share their experiences! Encourage them to create recipe videos and by using your hashtag they can win a food basket or a trip to do some sampling in an amazing location. Vouchers or a 10% off of their next purchase for sharing a photo of them enjoying your coffee or latest biscuit flavour can really increase engagement across multiple platforms. Who doesn’t love a good reason to snap a photo of their amazing breakfast? Any influencer you are working with should enter competitions and use your hashtags but so can other customers and you will reach a bigger audience this way. These strategies can really get the masses moving. Advertise your competitions in store if you have one or at your stockists if possible. Send out an email about it. Just make spreading the food fun!

Spread it across platforms

Do you get great results on your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram? Wonderful, it’s time to step up the game. Let them share their picture on Pinterest, link them back to your company page and make sure they are available across both the creators and your brand platforms. At the same time, head to Facebook. Maybe create some live videos with influencers visiting your factory or making a delicious meal with your product. Have them feature your biscuits in their ‘favourites of the month’ blog posts. Or go big and see where you can go on YouTube. Many influencers love working with food and are delighted to be invited to sample products, receive gifts and spread the word about tasty things. Just get in touch and see what can come of some great collaborations across the globe.

Do you want to get tummies rumbling but don’t quite know how to find the right influencers? Luckily we know just how to find the right foodie for you, so get in touch!

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