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How to use Snapchat for Influencer Marketing

Snapchat is a relatively fresh addition to the social media scene. Launched in 2011 by US students Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown, the app was first described to just simply be another way of trading photos. But the fact that photos wouldn’t be stored and really just offer a glimpse still entertains the masses.


Unlike on other platforms, users aren’t very likely to befriend random people, making it tricky for potential influencers to rise to fame and build their following. Millennials tend to follow either people they know personally or people who they already see as influencers, making it difficult to use Snapchat as a stepping stone to online fame.


So, to use Snapchat efficiently as a brand, do your research and figure out who really is reaching the crowds. Of course, this can be a YouTuber or Instagrammer who is enjoying a snap regularly or the true snappers who know how to work a bunny filter. Why is Snapchat a good way to promote your product and services? Word of mouth advertising is still considered the most trustworthy form and as with other influencer marketing, the platform offers insight into people’s lives, seemingly natural and organic. Influencers will promote products they truly believe in which fans appreciate and will be more likely to be interested in. Just rememberwhen using Snaps, or Snapchat stories, most users appreciate simple, true messages rather than flashy, overdone imagery. Keep it raw and independent and listen do the influencers aesthetics on their content for maximum impact.


Here are the four main way to utilise the snap app.


Product placement

Most brands find that the easiest way to use influencers is to promote their products directly through the influencers accounts and let them use the products the way they consider most suitable. Of course, discuss a strategy first, but listening to ideas and ways this can work natively with their channel is vital. Many influencers are happy to take photos of or whilst using the product and share the snaps or create a story for their followers to enjoy.



A Snapchat Takeover is when a Snapchat influencer takes control of a company or brands accounts for an agreed amount of time. Often, this is a day or a few evenings over a week. This is really a win-win for both the company and the influencer. The influencer will reach a new set of fans and hopefully increase his or her own following, whereas the brand get’s the influencers followers to check out their brand. This is a highly effective way for any brand to increase brand awareness and build followers.


Snapchat promotions are a great way to engage your customers. By offering promo codes, event admission, giveaways, meet and greets, you name it, people love it. A bargain or some special treat for your Snapchat fans will payback by them telling their friends all about you. Not only will this increase followers but also raise brand awareness and engagement.


Just like YouTube Unboxings, Snapchat unboxings are little clips of someone unwrapping their latest purchase, reviewing and maybe using it for the first time too. Be aware that people enjoy these if they are natural and the influencers excitement really is visible. As these are a fairly common feature, they can get boring so keep it interesting. Especially in the fashion and beauty space ‘hauk’ videos are highly successful and can fall under this category.

If you just aren’t one to snap away, let us know so we can show you how to maximise your influence using filter, stories and photos.

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