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Managing Expectations

How to run a profitable Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing is the latest trend that digital advertising has developed. But we believe it is here to stay. Since consumers have developed a resilience to advertising, what better way to tell them about great products and services than to spread the word by their favourite YouTuber?

To run a profitable influencer campaign, you may want to get the influencer with the highest following you can find within your industry. And ideally at a low cost, because, you know, it’s only a few posts on social media. Though this does sound truly ideal, this is not necessarily realistic. As the industry is getting more structured, influencers expect to be compensated fairly, considering the work they are doing and the reach they are creating for you. None of their followers will have shown up overnight and many influencers have spent years building their fanbase. Most influencers with high followings run their social media platforms like a business and therefore, professional engagement and a good relationship will help to make the most out of your campaign.

To manage your expectations, outcome and cost, many variables should be considered and agreed upon before starting the collaborative promotion.

The type of content

Are you looking for a viral video or a polished post?

Depending on the type of content you want on which platform, the amount of work that will have to be included will determine the price. Long video content for YouTube will cost significantly more than a post on Twitter or an image on Instagram. Consider which form will work best for your product and of course, a cross-channel approach usually has the best effect, therefore limiting to only one type of content would be counterproductive.

The frequency

How often would you like the influencer to spread your word?

A weekly share of content will come at a higher cost than a monthly or bi-weekly one. Depending on how long you want your campaign to run, or if you simply want a one-off mention, the frequency should be decided. Consult with the influencer to determine the most native look and feel for their channels.

The one-off or an ambassador

What exactly are you looking for?

As we mentioned before, are you trying to simply have a one-off to see what engagement and reach you can achieve? Or would you prefer a long term arrangement, that will transform the influencer into a keen brand ambassador and will talk about you for a few months or weeks, even years if the relationship is beneficial to both parties. A long-term collaboration will bring you more content for less, package deals are usually the best way forward when considering the return for money.

The platforms

Where do you want the content to be posted?

Often, content will only get shared on the influencers social media platforms, but think about whether it would work on your own channel too. Make sure to agree on this with the influencer beforehand and optimise your campaign that way. It will always be great to have some original and innovative content on your socials too.

The boss

Are you open to the creative process being handled by the influencer? Or do you want control over what is said and done?

The content development process should be a two-way street. Both the brand and the influencer need to be happy with the direction. Consider that often, the audience will watch the influencer because a certain type of style or content, so your campaign should fit within their channel as natively as possible. Major tweaks or different approaches may not generate enough views even when statistics on previous videos have looked promising. Just make sure to develop a strategy either working very closely with the influencer or let them take the reigns and show you the best way.

The reason

Are you looking for super sales or boosted brand awareness?

Either goal can be achieved brilliantly with influencer campaigns and as always, a few things should be considered. Especially if you want to increase sales, make sure trackable links are included in video descriptions, Twitter posts and maybe even included in the influencers Instagram bio for the time of the campaign. Often, the audience will be very keen to know where their favourite influencer just bought that cosy jumper, so a link to your product or website is a must in any case. Make it trackable and you will see how many visits and increases in sales you actually got from the content. This will also give you an idea of the effectiveness of your campaign. Follow this simple guide if you aren’t sure how to create a trackable link.

If you are unsure about costs and expectations, we can help you strategize and get a better understanding of the influencer marketing world.

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