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Why your Influencer Marketing Campaign might not be working

The influencer marketing trend is picking up speed rapidly. Many brands jumped on early and are going full speed towards integrated, global campaigns with much success. Other are just taking timid steps towards it or have joined it very recently. But often, this trend is moving too fast for many to thoroughly plan and prepare a campaign. While trying to go with the times but without careful execution and strategy in place, an influencer campaign can lead to an excruciating and disappointing digital campaign without real influence or impact.

We have determined a few factors that are crucial to be avoided when embarking on your influencer journey.

In and Out

Successful influencer marketing begins with a clear, long-term vision. It may seem tempting when first considering working with influencers to just give it a try and start with a small, short campaign. While this is a good way to test the waters, without a long-term approach and plan in mind, this will simply not effective. The short campaign that may run for a month or two does not provide continuity and an abundance of opportunities for competitors to dive in and work with the influencers you had in mind. What you want to create with any campaign is a brand direction, increase brand awareness and hopefully boost sales.

To ensure smooth running and maximum impact, consider a 12-month plan and involve different influencers, small communities and relevant content to the time of year. Keeping brand awareness at a high, any long-term campaign will make you more recognisable, on trend and keep you relevant.

The Wrong Ones

What is more important than follower numbers you may ask? Well, the right followers of course. There is a tendency for brands to gravitate towards the super influencers, the high-reach, high number Instagrammers or YouTubers. But this may not be an authentic fit for either party involved. Making sure that the influencers aesthetics and beliefs tie in with the brand is the best way to success. No fan will want to see content that has nothing to do with why they follow their ‘idol’. It’s best to establish a genuine brand love and relationship before settling on a campaign strategy.

To find out if you could work together, ask and see if they are interested and what thoughts they have on potential content.

No Goals, No Plan

Probably the biggest mistake that some brands make is going into the campaign unprepared, without a clear understanding of what they want to achieve. Of course, influencer marketing is a fairly new digital marketing strategy, which makes it difficult to determine what success looks like. But a rough goal is still better than no goal.

Before starting your campaign set some KPIs as best you can and ensure that the relevant data is being collected throughout the activity. Analysing it, you will have a baseline from which to measure future campaigns.

Besides setting KPI’s, establishing the specifics early is necessary for a timely delivered collaboration. Start planning much in advance what type of direction, content, timescale and in particular what your budget is. Without the parameters in place, organising and realising the final campaign will be delayed. So, plan ahead to get it started at the ideal time.

If you have been struggling with putting together a successful campaign, get in touch and find out what can be done to make it a hit.

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