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    How to make Influencer Marketing work on a Budget

    Influencer marketing is certainly a hot trend in the digital marketing world of 2017.

    Typically this strategy is available to big brands with big budgets, spending substantial amounts on well-known celebrities and uber-influencers...

    How to Make Sponsored Posts Stand Out

    You’re casually scrolling through your social media feeds. Besides you’re best friends latest party extravaganza, great brunch shots and travel inspiration you are sure to stumble across a sponsored post. But in a world where content is everywhere, do we even notice sponsored content?

    How To Make Money On YouTube  - An Introduction

    I often get people asking me how money is made on YouTube. Generally, people might understand the basics of it, that it’s funded by ads, or something like that… but beyond that, it’s not clear for the general YouTube viewer.

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