• Monetization

    We provide monetization services

    for YouTube and Facebook

    to increase your revenue

    Content Management

    We provide blocking services

    across media platforms


    Optimize your online video rights management process

    Know What You Own

    Audit and track your current video content

    on YouTube, Facebook and

    other video streaming platforms

    Bespoke Solutions

    We provide strategic advice

    or build software tools

    based on your ongoing needs

  • Testimonials

    Some nice things that our customers have to say about us.

    Paul Loasby, Pink Floyd Management

    "By hiring Laika to administer your YouTube rights they will save you masses of time, be more efficient, give you more creative control, marketing power, prowess and satisfaction topped off by knowing that your assets will be earning money where it once did not.”

    Tony Smith, Phil Collins Management

    “Laika Network has done a fantastic job in making sure that all of our titles are properly registered and that they are fully monetized to the extent that our income has quadrupled . It is an outstanding service that all the record companies have failed to duplicate.”

  • Monetization Solutions

    Increase YouTube channel revenue through extra ad formats

    Protect content and avoid copyright strikes


    YouTube’s fingerprinting system doesn’t auto-scan channels signed to our network

    Increase total income by monetizing videos uploaded by fans

  • Blocking Solutions


    Block live or on-demand videos on video streaming platforms

    and maximize views on legal platforms.




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