Managing Your Online Videos

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  • Who are we?

    We specialize in online video content and its management.We are experts when it comes to content monetization on YouTube,rights management on Instagram, Facebook and YouTubeand handling claims and ownership issues. We are proud to be certified partners of YouTube and Facebook.


    Content Monetization

    We know all the ins and outs of content monetization.

    On YouTube, we have been helping well known names for a while and can ensure that you receive any income created by fan videos and re-uploads.


    Content Protection

    Do you have a lot of third party uploads of your video content? We know how to manage the rights for those videos on YouTube as well as Facebook and Instagram and ensure that you maximize your return on your video assets.


    Dispute Management

    If you are struggling to manage claiming vast amounts of content and have no time to stay on top of people wrongfully claiming your content as theirs, our expert team can ensure that things run smoothly.

  • Where are we?

    We are based in London but have clients across the globe.

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  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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    YouTube Basics 

    Filming Outdoors


    You might have seen our post from last week about how to create engaging videos. So we have decided to follow the great suggestions for interesting footage and tell you how to make the most out of shooting videos outside...

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    Ten Tips for Engaging YouTube Videos


    Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t sound hard. And the basic set up really is easy. But growing the channel and making it a destination for a community to come back to is a lot of work. It takes time and dedication, great ideas and of course, some skills to get this right...

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    How To Make Money On YouTube  - An Introduction

    I often get people asking me how money is made on YouTube. Generally, people might understand the basics of it, that it’s funded by ads, or something like that… but beyond that, it’s not clear for the general YouTube viewer.