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Hello YouTube Studio -Your New Dashboard

After creators requested a ‘one stop shop’ for their data, insights and updates, YouTube has launched a new dashboard! The new set-up will minimise the time you spend searching through the creator studio. You will be able to see your latest uploads alongside recommendations and analytics.

We might have to wait a little longer until we can use it, but YouTube has started rolling out the feature and is dedicated to getting it to all of us as soon as possible.

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So what can you expect?
  • Analytics: You will get a brief summary of your channels analytics such as watch time, revenue and subscriber numbers.
  • Video Snapshot: YouTube will provide a little snapshot of how your latest video is performing compared to previous uploads over the same time period. This will be hugely beneficial when analysing your videos performance and tailoring your content to your viewers.
  • Recommendations: This section will be personalized and show Creator Academy content based on the needs of your channel. In the future, YouTube also wants to help you understand why some videos perform better than others.
  • News: The latest updates from across YouTube. No need to search for the latest news anymore, everything will be right at your fingertips and keep you updated on everything that affects creators and your community.

YouTube has certainly made a lot of updates in the last few months. If you are unsure or confused about any of them, drop us a message.