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So You Want To Be Successful On YouTube?

I’ve talked to hundreds of creators about YouTube, and it’s always interesting to hear each creator’s story. Some creators that we’re working with are really truly motivated due to losing a loved one or having a traumatic event in the recent past, and on the other side of the spectrum some creators are only 14 years old but motivated by pure passion. But the thing that I usually try to clarify with every creator I meet is what that creator views as success for them in their career.

Is it that you want to play at Wembley or win X-Factor one day?

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Or do you want to make enough to put food on the table and pay your bills?

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Defining ‘success’ and ‘making it’ are difficult for every creator, and not everyone will win X-Factor or even be able to make a living from online videos, but what is important is to understand your goals and have clarity around what you want to accomplish in your career. This clarity in turn will help you figure out what to do on your YouTube channel.

When you join Laika, we usually have an open discussion with you about what your goals are as a creator and what you want to accomplish in your career. Creators who have this clarity tend to do the best on YouTube, because fans gravitate towards people with confidence and a clear unique identity.

Not everyone is going to have 100% clarity of who they are or what they want, but the clearer you are on what you do or don’t want to do, the better your YouTube channel will be. But the best thing about running a YouTube channel is being able to tell your story through video, wherever the journey may take you.

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