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Tips & Tricks from VidCon — #2: Facebook

Facebook is taking over the world. With the acquisition of Whatsapp and Instagram, the company has grown rapidly over the past years. And so has its influence online. At last year’s VidCon, Facebook Video in particular wasn’t talked about much, but at this years conference, it was one of the main topics.

See what useful tips we found that can help you

The Maths behind it

  • Understand the Facebook algorithm will help you to increase your organic reach, basically making your posts appear more often in the facebook newsfeed of your followers.
  • Organic reach is created without spending money on sponsored posts or advertising.
  • Different posts will create different reach
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  • The graph is based on 1000 likes per page (not personal profiles, just Facebook pages)
  • For example, your video will show up on 120 people’s newsfeed out of your 1000 likes
  • Video and Photos have the highest reach and engagement potential

It’s a News Feed

  • Times have changed, there has been a huge shift in how we want our information
  • We don’t go to websites anymore but receive our content through our facebook feed
  • The content is right in front of us and delivered to us, rather than us having to search for it
  • It’s predicted that this will only grow with future generations

So how does it actually work? There are 5 main factors that influence if a post appears on News Feeds:

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Time to post!

  • Post a maximum of times 60 posts a day, anything over this isn’t going to increase reach
  • Try to do at least one post an hour, if you can’t do one post an hour, do once every 2 hours consistently (for brands)
  • This may obviously not be achievable, but consistency is key, posting regularly and in similar intervals (eg. Every Tuesday at 2pm)
  • Don’t post a link in the text! Embed your link and see your reach increase. If you post your link Facebook will auto-generate a window that viewers can click on

More likes doesn’t mean more reach

  • Just because a page has tons of likes, doesn’t mean it has a high reach potential
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Tick tock, it’s all about the timing

  • The time you post is really important
  • Look at your analytics and see when your followers are actually active
  • Depending on the time, the engagement will change, so adjust your posts to get the most out of them.
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Higher and Higher

There are a few simple tricks to increase organic reach and engagement

  • Uploading direct from mobile (iPad isn’t mobile) leads to higher organic reach
  • Use emojis in your posts and replies for higher organic reach and engagement
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  • Posing images to Facebook via Instagram provides a 23% increase in engagement
  • Square image and video leads to higher engagement on mobile
  • Upload 360 photos and videos
  • Your monthly minimum spend should be $500 to gain results, should you want to sponsor your posts
  • Like and respond to comments from last 90 days to jumpstart your reach
  • If you share a native Facebook video from another page, and your fans share that video,the shares going to the ORIGINAL uploader, not you.
  • Avoid putting YouTube links on Facebook

For our Tips and Tricks on YouTube, have a look at last week’s post.

To find out about Facebook Live Stream and Snapchat, next week will be the one.

We’d like to give credit to Jumpwire and the information we gained from their presentation. Thank you!