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Updates to Your YouTube Analytics

YouTube has decided to roll out the new YouTube Studio as the default experience over the coming weeks. After having tested the update with a selected number of creators, YouTube Studio will replace the Creator Studio section on your channel. The new look is also accompanied by some changes and additions. In particular, new metrics have been introduced to better understand the performance of your videos. Some features of the demographics report have been removed as part of the remodel to further protect the privacy of the viewers.

What has been added

1. Unique viewers

This section shows an estimated number of different individuals who watch your videos over a certain period of time, regardless of which device they have used or if they have watched more than one video.

The unique viewer data will help you compare your subscriber base to the size of your actual audience and allow you to identify which videos reached the furthest and grew your audience the most. Use this to build an effective content strategy!

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2. Impressions
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Impressions are counted when a viewer sees one of your video thumbnails on YouTube. The impressions data will give you an idea of the potential reach you have on the YouTube feed, as it shows each opportunity for someone to view your videos.

Be aware that this only reflects impressions generated by thumbnails, including those on the homepage, subscriptions feed, search results and the ‘up next’ section.

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3. Impressions click-through rate

YouTube has added Impressions click-through rate, showing you the percentage of your impressions on YouTube that has lead to someone viewing a video (or more).

Several factors affect your click-through rates, such as effective thumbnails and titles. The metrics will provide some extra information on which titles and thumbnails are performing particularly well, allowing you to adjust your strategy and improve your channel.

What has been removed

1. Filter by YouTube ‘product’

Creators will no longer be able to filter their demographics data by YouTube’s different products, such as it’s Gaming or Kids properties. Data will now be shown as a collection from all platforms. Though platform filtering will still be available to measure watch-time.

2. Filter by the translation tool

You will no longer be able to filter demographic data by the data from the YouTube translation tool which translates video titles, descriptions and subtitles.

3. Demographics of unlisted videos

The last change is that you will no longer be able to see demographic information for private or unlisted videos. The only exception is unlisted videos that have an ad in it, where the demographics can be seen via the AdWords report.

YouTube said in their announcement that you may not see demographic data if your public video or channel has limited traffic during the selected time period. You may be able to see demographics data if you extend the time period or if traffic increases.

If you have any further question on how to use your YouTube demographics, we are happy to answer them.