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What is IGTV — Instagram’s Latest Feature

You may have heard and seen the latest from Instagram. A few weeks ago, the social media giant launched its latest offering, IGTV, with a flashy event in San Francisco. The company announced it will let users upload videos up to an hour in length. And to top that, they are available within the new IGTV or Instagram TV section on the Instagram screen or via a separate app.

You can now find videos from popular Instagrammers, celebrities or anyone wanting to share some video content that you follow. This is a big step to rival YouTube and it’s creators, many may share content on both platforms. YouTube will have the advantage over content variety but with the curated and smartphone friendly content, IGTV can become a destination for video in itself.

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How does it work?

Everyone except smaller and new accounts will be able to upload hour-long videos immediately, with that option expanding to everyone eventually. Most accounts will be able to showcase 10-minute videos for now, with the longer versions only available for bigger accounts.

To watch, simply hit the button on your home screen and let the videos roll. It works a bit like TV, with videos starting instantly. And if you don’t like it, swipe and the next one will start to play. You can also watch the videos of your favourite Instagrammers by tapping the IGTV button on their profile.

You will be shown a selection of videos based on who you follow and your interests. There will also be a ‘Popular’ section where you can find the latest trending content.

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And no Ads!

Well, so far. It is quite likely that ads will roll out at some point in the future. This will offer creators a way to monetize their content and be rewarded for their time and effort they put into Instagram. For now, it is a great way to build a following and engage with the community.

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