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Where to look for the best Black Friday Camera Deals

Black Friday is once again upon us. The mega shopping day sees many discounts across UK shops (and in other countries too, of course) as well as savvy shoppers looking for the best deal. We noticed that most guides feature things like TV’s, iPads and fashion items, so we wondered, are there any deals out there for people with YouTube channels? Of course, there are. So we have compiled a list of where you might just find a good deal on a camera, a good lens or some other equipment (Hello, new GoPro set!).

Do some research before Cyber Monday, which usually brings even more tech equipment down in price. Just know what you are looking for before getting swept away by a fantastic offer and end up with 5 cameras and three tripods.

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Of course, the first place to look is Amazon. The online giant roles out daily deals, so be quick to grab it when you see it. You will have to search through the camera section unless you know what you are looking for. But patience can be very rewarding! You will find anything from GoPro equipment and drones to SD cards, cables and cameras.

Currys PC World

This is another obvious one. Currys has a small selection on sale but you can actually find some great products. Not just cameras are on offer, you can also find video editing software and drones to give your content a special twist.


Cameraworld has a number of used and unused equipment on sale, from portable vlogging cameras to more substantial models. It is also worth checking out the lighting solutions, tripods and lenses.

Say what? Isn’t that an online fashion retailer? This is how you might now of Very, but similar to John Lewis, they sell a range of products and their tech section is not to be missed. We just spotted the Canon EOS 700D SLR Camera on there for a good price.

John Lewis

We don't know what John Lewis will have on offer this Friday and over the weekend, but they are currently price matching with other retailers. It might be worth checking in over the weekend to see if there are any good deals on camcorders and drones. Black Friday truly comes on Friday here. It is also worth noting that John Lewis usually has longer warranties than other companies.


At the moment, Jessop has some interesting early bird Black Friday deals on offer. From your trusted Canon and Panasonic cameras to the more trendy Instax Instant Cameras, there should be something for you. We are excited to see that they have in store tomorrow!


A lesser know website, but not one to miss, SLRHut has the whole inventory on sale! You can find the perfect on the go vlogging camera as well as some serious equipment for bigger projects. The e-tailer prides itself on great customer service, so you know you will get any help you need.

We hope you can find what you are looking for, just be sure to check out regular prices before to ensure a great deal. Happy creating!