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Your Content Creator Events across the Globe

Nowadays, YouTube is the go-to place for tutorials, entertainment, music and just about anything in between. By now, the video platform is far more than just a way to share funny videos. YouTube has developed a community of millions across the globe, connecting cultures and people from different continents, offering a platform for thoughts, interests and worries. A place where you can meet like-minded people.

And some very clever person thought, wouldn't it be great if we could just all meet? YouTube events were born! A way for fans to meet their idols, for creators to get involved with their communities and share a few fun moments together!

With YouTube growing constantly in popularity, so have the festivals and new ones are popping up all the time. To give you an overview we have listed the biggest ones across the globe:

VidCon Europe
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VidCon is by far the biggest YouTUbe convention in the world. And the great new addition of VidCon Europe makes it that much easier to enjoy the days of video related frenzy and fun. This year was the first event, held in Amsterdam. We can’t wait to see where next years will be hosted. Berlin? Lissabon? Prague?

When: This year’s event was in April

Where: Amsterdam


Summer in the City
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A London event that started off as a meeting in the park has developed into a three-day festivity off all things YouTube. Meet & Greets, live performances, awards and an epic merchandise area are all part of the deal.

When: 4–6 August 2017

Where: London, ExCeL Exhibition Centre



„The Heart of Gaming“ — that is Gamescom. A melting pot for European online gaming, the conference is visited by global brands and the international gaming community. For five days, the German city of Cologne will play host for innovation, business and some serious gaming.

When: 22–26 August 2017

Where: Messe Köln, Cologne, Germany


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‘Snaphappen, the world’s first ever community-led global Snapchat event run BY the community, FOR the community.’ Big words for a fantastic small event held in London. Last years was a blast, with the Lad Bible on board as a sponsor and plenty of online celebrities to admire.

When: TBC — last year’s date wasn’t confirmed until the summer

Where: TBC


Beautycon London

Yep, it’s true. A con dedicated completely to beauty and one of YouTubes most popular sections. Sample the latest beauty products, meet your favourite YouTuber or just have a browse and be inspired by all things makeup (and hair, nails, skin…) Several passes ranging from a simple visitor ticket to a creator package which includes tutorials by some of the best in the industry and freebies, will make sure you get exactly what you want out of the experience.

When: TBC

Where: TBC


Video Days
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Founded in 2010, Video Days started out as a way to meet the gamers from Gamescom. 7 Years laters, over 20,000 fans are on pilgrimage every year to meet their idols in Cologne and Berlin. The first day ‘ShowDay’ will have fans enjoy live entertainment with usually quite spectacular acts. On day two Meet 6 Greets are the way to go, with all the creators being present and excited to meet their fans.

When: 24 August 2017

Where: Lanxess Arena, Cologne



Well hello, there sunny Portugal! This fantastic YouTUbe conference is hosted not far from Lisbon, right on the coast. VidYou is Portugal’s answer to Vidcon, a place where fans can meet the biggest YouTuber from their country and connect as a community.

When: 25–27 August 2017

Where: Centro de Congressos do Estoril — Cascais, Portugal


VidCon Australia
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You guessed it, this great event is a spin off of and will share all things YouTube with our friends down under. All the best parts of the original VidCon will be here, Mett 6 Greets, pannels and workshops. If happen to be in this part of the world, head down to Melbourne and enjoy, rumour has it that the Aussies celebrate some rather untraditonal things alongside YouTube.

When: 9–10 September 2017

Where: The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


USA & Canada

Of course, we need to mention VidCon first! Last years proud attendees, we enjoyed days of panels, talks and fan madness over the biggest international YouTubers.

The big brother of VidCon Europe and Australia is the biggest YouTube event in the world, where the who’s who of social media mingle with fans and make dreams come true.

When: 21–24 June 2017

Where: Anaheim Convention Center — Anaheim, US


Playlist Live

The multi day event was created with the aim of helping fans meet their favourite online stars in real life. Originally only held once a year, it now has expanded. Besides great acts on stage, there are always interactive activies offered and a diversity of creators to be met, Playlist has, of course, some of the big names but is also a great way for smaller creators to meet and mingle.

When: 1–3 September 2017

Where: Marriott Marquis Washington DC (the Orlando event takes place in spring)


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We have mentioned Beautycon before so we will keep this one short. The big sister of London’s Beautycon, the original events are happening in LA and New York with even bigger stars, more hair and make-up advice and a swarm of true beauty pros.

When: 12–13 August 2017

Where: Los Angeles Convention Center — Los Angeles


Streamy Awards

The Streamy Awards are the VMA’sof online video. Each year, awards are given to the brightest and most entertaining in the digital video space. This of course includes YouTube but goes beyond it and values other platforms too. Besides many social media celebrities, one can admire stars from the mainstream media too! And because the Streamy Awards are particularly forward thinking, the 2017 show will be live streamed on Twitter.

When: 26 September 2017

Where: The Beverly Hilton — Beverly Hills, US


Buffer Festival
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The Canadian cousin of the Streamy Awards is another great event, giving us a red carpet appearance of our favourite YouTubers, bloggers and Instagrammers, the event celebrates and showcased online videos at their best. The lineup includes YouTube’s finest from across the globe.

When: 28 September — 1 October 2017

Where: Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre — Toronto, Canada


Vlogger Fair

Ah vlogs, the daily bread of YouTubers, a way to immerse ourselves in their life and know absolutely everything about them. The event is geared to both industry professionals and content creators as well as fans. Go meet your favourite vlogger or if you are aspiring to make it big go along to learn more about the art of vlogging.

When: TBC

Where: TBC — Seattle, US


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BlogHer is the largest conference for female content creators and social media gurus. It offers an opportunity to network, learn from industry leaders and blogging peers to take your content to the next level. This conference is not just aimed and established bloggers but encourages aspiring writers, photographers, poets and creative walks of the online world to join and exchange ideas.

When: July 16–18

Where: New York City, NY


YouTube FanFest

The YouTube FanFest is currently touring through Asia! Next up are Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo. The festival tours around the world each year and always chooses new spots to showcase some crazy talented people. This is more of a live show and less of a conference and the organisers are tailoring each show to the host countries preferences

When: Throughout the year

Where: All over the world


Have you heard of any other amazing events happening across the world? Let us know, we would love to visit them all!