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Your YouTube Update for April 2018

It’s the end of April already and we can’t quite believe how fast this year has flown by. And just like the sunny weather we had for a few days, things on the YouTube front are looking brighter. YouTube has taken all the feedback from last year very serious and is developing and changing a lot to make the platform better and to enrich the global community even further.

YouTube to tackle Demonetization Issues and Platform Abuse

In a statement released by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki earlier this months announced the steps YouTube is planning to use to smooth out their processes with demonetization and platform abuse. After a tricky last year, the company is taking steps to ease the tension with creators and has 5 major points to improve the issues:

  1. Transparency and Communication
  2. Supporting your success
  3. Giving people more ways to engage
  4. Tightening and enforcing our policies
  5. Learning and education
Reach Based Ads

We have already mentioned this earlier this months! YouTube is rolling out a new way for brands to buy advertising spots that users can choose to skip after 5 seconds. TrueView for Reach was introduced to optimize cost-effective reach across the video platform.

For the standard TrueView in-stream ad that we are used to, advertisers only pay when viewers watch to the end of the sport or click on any elements in the stream such as cards or links. The new format is called TrueView for Reach and will be priced on a cost per thousand views basis. According to YouTube, this will help marketers reach a broader set of customers while at the same time offering 95% viewability rates.

YouTube Kid’s app has been updated

YouTube has adapted its Kids section after videos had been uploaded that seemed kid friendly but definitely weren’t. Now YouTube allows parents to select videos and channels for their children to watch. They offer a selection of approved and reviewed channels as well as give the option for parents to select further channels and options they have had a look at themselves.

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VidCon Europe 2018

VidCon Europe took place for a second time in Amsterdam and as always, has been a great event with plenty of creator spotting and interesting talks. We have rounded up some of the tips we learned and hopefully, they will help you improve your channel and videos!

If you have any questions about how the changes could affect you, drop us a note.