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Your YouTube Update for September 2017

What happened this month on YouTube? It first seemed like a quiet one but there are some developments on advertising that brands will find very helpful and some great news for all the gamers out there.

Find out what’s new this September:

Let’s celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15th to October 15th we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and YouTube is taking the opportunity to honour the amazing creators with Hispanic backgrounds. On the YouTube Spotlight channel, you can find multiple playlists dedicated to the content of Hispanic and Latino YouTubers, like Eric Ochoa or Bethany Mota.

The playlist will refresh every nine days and showcase a wide selection of videos showcasing a rich variety of the culture, perspective and heritage.

More advertising tools for brands

YouTube is launching a new set of tools for advertisers to excite marketers into putting bigger budgets behind advertising on the video platform. The updates will apparently make advertising on the platform more relevant and personalised for users, making it easier for brands to reach the right audience.

The first move is introducing ‘Custom Affinity Audiences’ to YouTube. What does that mean? Brands can now use intent signals from search terms or apps the users have downloaded to make their video ads more effective. If consumers searched for holiday resorts in the Carribean, they could now see an ad for sunglasses on YouTube. It claims that the change drove a 20% higher add recall in tests and a 50% higher brand awareness.

Also YouTube has introduced the ‘Director Mix’. The tool aims to simplify it for brands to create multiple different pieces of creative content that can be personalised to consumer groups are the content they are watching. Marketers will be able to upload multiple aspects of an ad, such as different footage or voiceovers and the tool will then create the ads for you. It also allows brands to show the viewer different ads in a particular order to build a story over time which might reduce ad overload for consumers.

Sponsor your favourite Gamer

YouTube Gaming gangs can now directly sponsor their favourite gaming creator with sponsorship. A monthly payment of $4.99 payment gives fans access to exclusive live chats and other perks. They are also able to purchase digital goods directly from the channel.

To be eligible to receive sponsoring, creators must be 18 years or older and have a gaming channel that is monetized and enabled for live streaming, with at least 1k subscribers.

This new development might just make gaming fans that little bit happier, knowing that their creator can focus on their talent and provide them with excellent content.

What are your thoughts on this month’s developments? Let us know!