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YouTube Stats You Need to Know for Digital Marketing

As you probably know, we have been talking about influencer marketing for a while now. It’s undeniably one of the hottest and fastest moving trends in digital and social media marketing here in Europe. Our friends across the Atlantic have been doing it for a lot longer and are of course, more established when it comes to brand deals and influencer collaborations. And it seems easy for them, as most YouTube views up to now come from the USA. Well, what’s the point of trying to find any local influencers if everyone watches from New Jersey or Minnesota anyway? How can we as a brand possibly penetrate our local market?


The good news is, even though views come from abroad, it doesn’t mean you aren’t getting them locally. As long as your desired influencer has a decent amount of coverage in their home country, things should go well. But it is worth looking which countries actually do watch YouTube and spend some time on it. You don’t want to expand your market to the Middle East without knowing if your online strategy with that famous YouTuber will reach potential new customers there.


To help you, we have put together a little infographic about YouTube statistics that will show you which countries are driving the views and where influencer marketing will pay off, give you an idea of ad spend and just how much the highest earning YouTubers made together. Before starting an influencer marketing campaign and deciding if you should focus on mobile or desktop advertising, explore which gets the most views in your country. Take into consideration which gender your influencer is watched by and what content will appeal to your target market before launching the campaign. Just check demographic information of each channel you consider partnering up and make an educated choice.

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If you are unsure how to reach new customers in your country, give us a shout so we can strategise together.