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YouTube to Tackle Demonetization Issues and Platform Abuse

In a press release by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki earlier this month, YouTube announced they are planning to make their processes much smoother with demonetization and platform abuse.

She said:

‘…we’re committed to listening and using your feedback to help YouTube thrive. Our community continues to grow at a healthy, responsible rate. Over the last year, channels earning five figures annually grew more than 35 percent, while channels earning six figures annually grew more than 40 percent.’

The company is taking steps to ease the tension with creators since platform changes last year, and has 5 major points to improve the issues:

  1. Transparency and Communication — Communication with the creator community is key to resolve any problems and YouTube has increasingly been talking to YouTubers across the globe. YouTube is also working on responding to messages quicker, both on social media and via emails.
  2. Supporting your success — YouTube has been working to resolve the monetization issues and perfecting it’s algorithm. Currently testing new ways, they are hoping to roll out new features that allow creators to offer information on content when uploading a video. This combined with maunal reviews and the algorithm should decrease any issues significantly.
  3. Giving people more ways to engage — Expect to see more developments on the live streaming feature, YouTube Go and a general fine tuning of your newsfeed, ranking and tarketing.
  4. Tightening and enforcing our policies — YouTube wants to make it’s platform a great place for everyone. And enforcing policies on abusive comments, for example, is just one way to improve everyones experience. A new comment moderation tool will allow creators to make sure that spam and abuse have no place on their channel any longer. In February, YouTube announced further steps, beyond the current strikes policy, that can be taken if creators actions are harming the community.
  5. Learning and education — YouTube are proud of the immense potential the platform offers to teach people. They will increasingly offer materials and talks for their creators to improve their channels as well as generally push educational content. 

Creators are encouraged to further give feedback on developments and issues they have. YouTube is taking these very seriously and we think that they are on the right track to ensure a great platform for everyone. Easier communication with creators in particular will improve the user experience immensely.

Should you be affected by the recent changes in policies and are not sure if these new developments will help you, let us know and we will do out best to clarify the situation.