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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Join A Multi-Channel Network (MCN)

You run a successful YouTube channel, you’ve been able to grow it organically yourself for a few years now, but every week you get another email from another Multi-Channel Network (MCN) promising to help you make more money beyond your wildest dreams.

MCNs started originally to help YouTube creators improve the quality of content being upload to the platform, but today many MCNs will produce original content themselves and continue to aggregate channels under their network even if that’s not the main focus of their business anymore.

There are many reasons why you should and can join an MCN, but above all there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t join an MCN.

1. Just To Say You’re Part of an MCN
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Do not join an MCN just to say that you’re part of an MCN. Be sure to understand what you will get out of joining the MCN you’re considering. If they aren’t going to help you make more money, monetize your User Generated Content (UGC) or help in any other ways like helping with production or costs, then they might not be the best fit for you. MCNs come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you understand the benefits a particular MCN will offer you before you join.

2. To Monetize Your Cover Videos
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It used to be that joining an MCN would help you monetize at least a portion of a cover video, but not anymore. Anyone uploading exclusively cover videos to YouTube can monetize their videos in the Cover Video Revenue Share Program offered by YouTube in the YouTube Partner Program. But this is only offered if you monetize with YouTube directly, not through an MCN. So be sure you understand this point before engaging with an MCN.

3. To Get More Views and Subscribers
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Many people think they’ll gain masses of views and subscribers by joining an MCN, and for some people this may be possible. Understand what the MCN offers in terms of promotional opportunities to promote your videos and gain those views and subscribers for wider exposure on your channel. Do keep in mind that no MCN will guarantee that you will gain a certain number of views or subscribers just for joining.

The bottom line is, make sure you do your homework and understand what services you’re signing up for by joining an MCN. If you don’t benefit from joining an MCN, then you’re sacrificing revenue made on your channel for nothing.

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