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The 6 Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos

More than 1 billion users globally and thousands of high reach content creators make the Google-owned platform one of the most successful social media platform worldwide. Not only a goldmine for socially savvy digital marketers, but for brands and influencers alike.

Even though the 18–34 year old users are 4x more interested in watching a video ad on YouTube than in viewing any other platform, simply producing and publishing content isn’t a guarantee that branded or sponsored videos will be viewed liked and shared. So, how can you, as a brand make sure that your videos will be successful?

It can all start with the type of video you are producing. To give you some guidance we have listed the 6 most popular types of YouTube videos.

Product Review Videos

Nowadays, YouTube is often the first place that people search for product reviews before making any major purchasing decisions. The peer reviews rank high in reliability and besides the actual video, comment sections often provide future information. A recent study found that the majority of questioned UK YouTube viewers were more likely to buy a product after seeing a positive review of it online. And Think with Google discovered that 62% of consumers use YouTube reviews to learn more about future purchases, while that same percentage of 18- to 24-year-olds would try products featured on YouTube.

How-to Videos

How-to videos are big on YouTube. From Make-up to DIY advice, you are extremely likely to find the step to step guide that you are looking for. The search for this popular category has increased 70% year on year and whilst doing the task at hand, 91% of smartphone users watch how-to videos.

When considering doing these yourself or utilizing them for brand deals, make sure you know exactly what you are talking about and can offer real expertise in the area. Nothing is worse than a How-To tutorial that leaves people helpless. But the timeless fashion of these videos makes them an ideal component of your content strategy.


The beautiful ramblings of your favourite YouTuber, weekly vlogs, what I ate in a day video, virtually tagging along to shoots and travels. Vlogs are as diverse as things come.

They give fans an insight into the life of their personal hero, an opportunity to be part of a community. Especially LGBT and mental health vlogs can offer the feeling of connectivity and advice on seldom mentioned issues. The communities these vlogs create strengthen understanding whilst also giving us rare and true insights.

Gaming Videos

Just looking at Business Insiders Uk’s list of influential YouTubers of 2017, you will notice how many of them are active in the gaming industry.

There are many different types of gaming videos but the ‘Let’s Play’ version remains one of the most popular. Let’s Play videos show screen recordings of the user playing a game, usually with ongoing commentary. Besides capturing the often fun comments, the player’s personality and skills capture the interest of their subscribers. Don’t underestimate the engagement a great gaming video gets, communities around these channels are highly switched on and interconnected, global, billions strong.

Comedy/Skit Videos

Much of the world’s entertainment comes from funny, viral videos. Creating millions of views, comedy and skit content often go viral and are shared with friends and family. Many YouTubers have risen to fame for their sense of humour, sharing fun moments, playing pranks and taking the mick out of people.

Haul Videos

Ever thought of watching someone presenting their latest shopping spree at H&M for half an hour? No? You are missing out. Haul videos are hugely successful and are closely related to product reviews. Influencers simply present their latest purchases, this often features around clothes, shoes or homeware. Top YouTuber can really drive product sales when showing their latest goods and offer a great promotion for shops.

Not only do they offer an insight into the influencer’s life, they also give inspiration for new seasons, can work as gift guides or simply show the latest products. Especially in the fashion industry, a haul video can propel a brand into the ‘talked about’ sphere.

If you aren’t sure just what would work for your brand, get in touch and let us help you find the right strategy