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Features You Can Easily Add to Your YouTube Videos

Until last year, YouTube had a video editing tool, making it easier to get those videos looking sharp. Rumor has it that it is coming back with better features. But until then, do not despair as there are still features you can add to your content via YouTube.

A few nifty tools are available to you. You can still…

… Add Clips

Of course, you can add clips from your own content library, simply download your YouTube videos or retrieve your original files in case you want to use them in a new video.

You can actually use something called Creative Commons material, which is content created by someone else which can be used under the Creative Commons license. Now, be aware that you do need to get in touch with the uploader and ask if they would share the file with you, this is what a Creative Commons license allows you to do. To find the content, go into your search bar and filter your search results by selecting Creative Commons in the ‘Feature’ section.

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…Trim Videos And Add Effects

Head to your Creator Studio to apply some extra effects and trim your video to your liking. You can add these using both a desktop or your mobile. But generally, it is much easier to do these things on a desktop. There are numerous features available such as:

  • Auto-fix lighting & colour
  • Stabilise shaky camera motions
  • Apply slow motion
  • Apply time lapse
  • Rotate the view
  • Apply filters
  • Custom blurring
  • Blur faces

All this is available in the Enhancement feature of your channel’s Video Manager. How to get there?

  1. When you are in your Creator Studio, select your Video Manager
  2. Click on Edit and then Enhancements. Simple!
  3. Make your changes and then click save. You can also create a new video if you want to keep the original. Simply select ‘Save as new video’.
…Add Music

There are of course a number of ways to add music, from adding it when editing your video in video editing software to adding it on YouTube itself. Make sure that you either have the rights to any music you upload, it is copyright free or you have produced it yourself. Luckily, YouTube has given us an option to find royalty free music.

  1. In your Creator Studio and at the bottom of the left-hand side menu, you will find the Create section. Select and click on Audio Library
  2. Using the tabs at the top, choose ‘Free music’ or ‘Sound effects’
  3. Found something you like? Go ahead and download it.

If you want to know more about YouTube basics and how to improve your channel, drop us a message!