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How The New Facebook Algorithm Will Affect Creators

Since it’s launch in 2004, Facebook has surely grown to one of the most influential social media platforms globally. We spend endless hours on it, scrolling and scrolling, mostly seeing posts from company pages and advertisements. The algorithm behind what you actually see on your news feed has always been rather cryptic and until today, nothing has changed.

It was easy to understand why sponsored posts and advertising were put in front of us with gusto, but why our friends and family’s messages were hidden was often quite puzzling.

In January however, Facebook announced that they will change their algorithm to show us more of exactly that, posts of our friends and family. For our personal use, this could sure be fantastic.

We will see more:
  • Updates from friends and family
  • Posts that encourage interactions with people
We will see less:
  • Click-bait
  • Posts that encourage us to simply click on pages
  • Posts from Facebook Pages (though you can follow those and it will still appear in your feed)

Many creators may wonder how this will impact their visibility. Truth be told, it is very hard to see how strongly this will decrease videos and content being seen. Especially if you have set up a Facebook Page to share your videos and creations, this could have an impact on who you can reach on Facebook. Generally, page content will be seen less, but as video content is still going strong, we hope that great content will still be seen and shared.

The smartest way forward now is to not heavily rely on Facebook and encourage your fans to follow your Facebook Page and subscribe to your YouTube channel and activate notifications, in case they are waiting for news about your latest video to be broadcast there. Diversify where you spread the word, use Twitter, any blogs at your disposal as well as Instagram.

If you are concerned about the impacts this could have on your visibility, let us know. We have many handy tricks up our sleeve on how to increase your reach on YouTube itself.