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Full Music Credits on YouTube Videos

YouTube is making a big leap towards recognizing and showing musicians and their songs on the platform! Using the Content ID technology, more data will be displayed on videos in a new ‘music in this video’ feature. The new feature will make monetization easier and give many artists deserved credit where it may have lacked before.

“YouTube is committed to providing recognition to all of the people who contribute to the creative process, and this is just the beginning,” YouTube said in their announcement. “Through our industry partnerships, we will expand the scope and quality of data to ensure all creators are credited as completely and accurately as possible.”

Content ID has been around for a while now, automatically identifying copyrighted content on YouTube. This lets copyright owners decide if they want to block the content or have it monetized by placing ads on it.

How the new feature works 

If you hit ‘show more’ below a video, you can now see a full list of the creators involved in making the music. This can be the artist, writers, producers and publishers. The feature does not only apply to videos with backing music but also to official music videos and the likes.

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YouTube is also using the feature to cross-sell their other platforms. A song could be available on YouTube Red and this will now be advertised. And when a song is played in the background of a video, it will directly be linked to the artist’s official channel and the official music video (if it is available on YouTube).

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