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Your YouTube Update for May 2018

May has brought a lot of music related updates on YouTube. The video platform is constantly evolving and bringing out new features and this month has been no different.

And because it can be hard to stay up to date with all these developments, we have, as always, rounded them up for you.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

YouTube has decided to break up the YouTube Red premium service and split it into two, YouTube Music, available either for free with ads or for $9.99 per month, and YouTube Premium for original video content costing $11.99 per month.

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YouTube Music, in particular, has gotten a lot of buzz over the past weeks as it will directly compete with the likes of Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. Containing YouTube’s collection of remixes, covers, music videos, official albums, and playlists it offers a unique combination of content in one place. Every month more than 1 billion users use YouTube each month to search and listen to their favourite music, making this a logical addition to the YouTube family.

YouTube Premium is the new name for YouTube Red and a subscription will give you access to all the original video content from YouTube Red as well as YouTube Music.

Your Music on display on videos

YouTube has taken a big step in recognizing and showing musicians and their songs on the platform! Using the Content ID technology, more data will be displayed on videos in a new ‘music in this video’ feature. The new feature will make monetization easier and give many artists deserved credit where it may have lacked before.

If you click the ‘show more’ button, you will now see a list of all the creators that were involved in making the music, from vocals to producers.

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YouTube is testing incognito mode

YouTube is currently experimenting with offering an incognito mode on the App. Just like on Google Chrome, you will now be able to hide your latest three-hour marathon of trashy videos. Or make sure that your kids won’t have unsuitable videos appear in the search if you are using the same account.

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If you switch on the Incognito feature, it will be like browsing YouTube whilst not being signed in. So far, it seems only to be available on the Android app, but if it is proving to be successful and popular, we can be sure that YouTube will roll it out on the Apple version as well.

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