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#ProudToCreate: Pride 2018

The 1st of June marks the start of Pride Month and as in previous years, has come with a lot of positive and pro LGBTQ+ activities in countries around the globe and of course, on YouTube.

This year’s edition celebrates the diverse range of creators under the slogan #ProudToCreate. YouTube is a platform, where LGBTQ creators can share their stories, experiences and passions to help to shift our cultures to be more inclusive and understanding. These creators are truly what YouTube should be all about, creativity, individualism and a tolerant, supportive community.

The initial reaction to the video was rather mixed as many LGBTQ creators pointing out that there had been monetization issues with their content and homophobic ads being played on their videos. YouTube responded in a statement:

‘Over the past few days, we’ve heard many questions around monetization and how ads are served against videos by LGBTQ creators. We know this has been both confusing and painful, and want you to know that we hear you. YouTube is an open platform and we support the free expression of creators with a wide range of views. But we don’t allow paid advertising that disparages people based on who they are and we remove ads that violate this basic principle.’

Taking on board criticism and a quick reaction is another way how YouTube has been improving the platform and making it a pleasant experience for all their creators and communities. We certainly are excited to see what the future brings and what people across the globe are #ProudToCreate.

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