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The FIFA World Cup on YouTube

A week in and the Football World Cup is looking exciting. Russia is playing surprisingly well, England actually won a game and Germany is not living up to expectations. But we won’t always have the time to watch the games. Luckily FIFA has a YouTube channel, which makes catching up on the daily highlights so much easier. And if you consider the time difference to Russia, even more so.

So, how can you watch your favourite moments?

You can get highlights from official FIFA broadcasters in more than 80 countries. The likes of the BBC in the U.K., ARD Sportschau in Germany, NHK in Japan, Kwese in Nigeria and across Africa, Televisa in Mexico, Telemundo in the U.S., Latina Televisión in Peru will showcase the best bits on their YouTube channels. If you are lucky and are in the USA, you can watch all games live where YouTube TV is available.

Many of the teams have their own channel, giving you more in-depth content than ever before.

Fun Fact

To celebrate the World Cup fever, YouTube has taken a look at some of their data and offer some interesting insights. For example:

The most watched teams around the globe are from Latin America!

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And they even figured out which are the most watched World Cup players in some countries!

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Not enough?

Of course, we aren’t always just keen to watch the games. There are hundreds of football related YouTube creators and channels. Whatever your mood is, from practising your skills to detailed game analysis, you will find something. Why not start with the following ones?

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