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What is YouTube’s Gaming Sponsorship?

You may have heard the news already. If you own a gaming channel or really enjoy watching some gaming action, listen up. YouTube is taking on world’s leading streaming and community platform for gamers, Twitch. The newest YouTube feature will allow gamers to make money from their channel through fan sponsorships.


Twitch has a similar feature, which offers fans access to special badges, customed emojis and other perks. YouTube’s sponsorship includes very similar enjoyments such as:

  • Access to sponsor-only live chats
  • A sponsorship badge in live chats
  • Custom channel-specific emojis
  • Immunity to “Slow Mode”, which limits participants to 200 characters and a maximum of 3 submissions every thirty seconds.
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The feature started out, as so often, open to a selected number of influencers. But since last month, all gaming channels can switch on sponsorship at The only criteria is a minimum subscriber number of 1000.

What’s great for creators

After the success of revenue-creating programmes like YouTube Red and Super Chat, sponsorship offers a fantastic opportunity for smaller channels to generate extra income. Rather than waiting to hit a massive number of subscribers to get ad revenue or big brand sponsorships, creators can start immediately, just by being their awesome self.

Besides offering direct income, YouTube is offering a financial incentive to encourage aspiring streamers to create more quality content and create a great channel that people want to see growing and get involved with. Streamers with sponsors or looking for brand sponsorships are usually more willing to engage with fans which will just improve the viewer’s experience.

What to do as a fan

If you have a favourite gamer or even multiple, you can sponsor them by paying them $4.99 (USD) per month, but that cost may vary in other regions. Be sure to double check any cost and commitments before you make them. It is easy to overlook some details. Once you have become a sponsor, you can now purchase digital goods directly from the gamers channel and receive custom badges an custom emojis to use in chats and on live-streams.

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As previously mentioned, you will also not be affected by the slow-mo option during live-streams, which allows the creator or their chat moderators to slow down comments and stop people from spam comments. But as a sponsor, you can comment away (but do be a great fan and only comment with relevant thoughts).

How to sponsor a channel

Fancy supporting some creators? To sponsor a channel is fairly straightforward. Just follow the simple steps below:

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If you aren’t sure how to get sponsorship for your content, get in touch and we can help you set up your YouTube channel.