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Your YouTube Update for October 2017

A very tech-related month at YouTube, the video platform has introduced some nifty new options for channel management and is improving their Creator Hub.

Have a look at the most important YouTube developments this October:

Autoplay or auto-ney

YouTube is testing an autoplay function on their mobile app at the moment. Luckily only available for a selected number of users, the development does not seem to excite. The new feature will automatically playback, starting with the video at the top of the homepage. While scrolling down the page, the other videos will start playing as you swipe along.

This can certainly be an interesting feature and even appeal to some users, as you get an instant preview of the content. Luckily the videos will be auto-muted, which will certainly improve the user experience. If subtitles are available on the content, these will be activated automatically. While the feature is being tested, YouTube is gathering feedback and may or may not roll out the development in the near future.

The YouTube app now also has the Play As You Browse feature set by default. This can be easily turned off or set to activate when connected to Wi-Fi, saving you your data and giving you the option to customize your app experience.

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Hello YouTube Creator Site

More than a year ago, YouTube launched the Creator Hub, bringing resources for creators under one roof. Now, YouTube has revamped and renamed it the YouTube Creator Site, offering a new design, up-to-date information and a new video series called ‘Master Class’.

What’s great about it? The website features creator-aimed blog posts, offering a great selection of knowledge and it also includes new sections with more detailed guides and information about things like the Partner Management Programme, events and just generally keeping up with what’s going on at YouTube and its creators.

The highlight, we find, is the new Master Class series, which will compromises of videos from the Creator Academy, covering a number of topics from growing audiences to advice on building a business or how to handle your data properly.

Here is the first Master Class video for you to watch!

Understand your subscribers

YouTube has recently added additional subscription sources. This will make it easier for creators and channel owners to understand their subscriber count. This information can be found in your subscriber report. It is worth remembering that the subscriber count on your channel may differ from the number shown in the YouTube Analytics. This is because the streaming platform wants to ensure that the numbers are 100% accurate which delays them by around 48 hours.

Analysing subscribers give great insight into habits of your viewers, such as which videos drove subscriptions, which made people unsubscribe, therefore showing which content is popular.

Here are the sections that YouTube offers to differentiate between subscribers:

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No more cruel comments

Last but not least, creators can now shape the tone of conversation on their channel automatically. This great option will allow it to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review, minimising offensive or rude comments on videos. Simply go into the comment settings on YouTube on the desktop site and select.

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Are you one of the selected few that are testing the autoplay function? Let us know what you think!