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Your YouTube Update for December 2017

Where did the year go? It seems it simply flew by and we are suddenly facing Christmas and New Years. This month’s roundup comes a little earlier as we have decided to take a little break over the holidays. Digital detox and all of that. So what happened on YouTube in December? The video platform, of course, published it’s most popular lists and the YouTube Rewind. Google is slowly taking actions against child unfriendly content but creators are still enraged with the monetization issues of the past months. Hopefully, the new year will bring new features and strategies to make everyone happy.

YouTube to offer the Community tab to more users!

Starting at the end of last month, YouTube has now expanded their community feature, simply called ‘Community’, to creators with over 10,000 subscribers. The new section will offer creators the wonderful chance to build their communities even stronger. The feature has been tested by big creators who have used it to share backstage stories, GIFs and promote other creators. It’s also a great way to get discovered and increase engagement. Take a look at the YouTube blog here to find out more. There’s even a tutorial!

YouTube Rewind

Like the top lists of most popular videos, YouTube publishes a little rewind at the end of the year. Featuring the most popular music of the year and an abundance of great creators, you should definitely check it out. There is some space action and zombies, slime and sharks are involved.

10k new hires at Google

Google has recently announced that they will be hiring thousands of people to review videos and comments that could violate YouTube guidelines and policies. This move comes after much criticism that YouTube has faced this year after many advertisers noticed their clips were played alongside unsuitable content. YouTube has also received a lot of backlash for violent and offensive videos were found on the kid-friendly platform.

This has lead to YouTube taking a much tougher approach to its monetization criteria which has resulted in creators losing revenue. YouTube seems to be making an effort to tackle all these problems at once, but it might take a while for them to find the right balance between satisfying advertisers and their communities.

YouTube TV is expanding

YouTubes TV (YouTube’s live TV service) is once again expanding and is now available in 83 US markets. The 34 additions include cities like New Orleans, Tusla and Tucson.

The service now also offers picture-in-picture. Another step to defeat rival Hulu, who is offering a similar service for $40 a month rather than $35 that YouTube is charging.

This is the last update of 2017, we hope you enjoyed getting the latest news. Let us know if we missed any stories and we will continue with them in the new year. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.