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Your YouTube Update for February 2018

February has seen some solutions to issues that came up earlier in the year as YouTube continue to streamline their services.


New YouTube Guidelines for UGC Monetization

As part of YouTube’s update to their YouTube Partner Program and Google Preferred program last month, there was an important update on how YouTube will treat user-uploaded videos (UGC) that use your copyrighted content.


To simplify things, YouTube will no longer show ads on content that has been claimed as UGC until the content has been manually reviewed and been approved by the YouTube monitoring team.


To find out more details on this, simply check out our post about it!



New Steps to Ensure User Safety

After some creators had published highly sensitive content which understandably, caused outrage, YouTube has yet again changed their Community Guidelines. YouTube aims to deal more swiftly and decisively with the offending creators from now on. This will to ensure that the video platform stays a respectable and safe space for its users.


Content that is traumatising, highly insensitive or offensive can now lead to more severe punishment, which will go beyond the current strike system. You can find a more detailed outline of these steps here.

In short, these are the new disciplinary actions:
  1. Premium Monetization Programs, Promotion and Content Development Partnerships: YouTube may remove a channel from Google Preferred and also suspend, cancel or remove a creator’s YouTube Original show.
  2. Monetization and Creator Support Privileges: YouTube may suspend a channel’s ability to serve ads, ability to earn revenue and potentially remove a channel from the YouTube Partner Program, including creator support and access to YouTube Spaces.
  3. Video Recommendations: YouTube may remove a channel’s eligibility to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on your homepage, trending tab or watch next.
  Ad-free YouTube Red Expanding to 100 Countries

Yes, you heard right. The subscriptions service is planning to expand into 100 more countries, allowing users to enjoy playback without being interrupted by adverts. It also offers a selection of premium content that users can only access with the YouTube Red subscription.

This comes in particularly handy when watching music and will continue pushing the service as a music platform. The great aspect for creators is that the revenue is split between rights holders, which means even though no ads are played, you can still earn money through it. YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki announced the expansion at a conference this month.

We are excited to see where the $9.99 subscription will become available!