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Your YouTube Update for July 2018

We only blinked and July is over. Though they say there is a summer slump, YouTube has been busy with updates and news.

YouTube to Introduce Copyright Match

You are browsing YouTube and suddenly come across a video that looks worryingly familiar. In fact, someone simply uploaded your content and claimed it as their own. And it can be a painstakingly time-consuming task to manually search for all those re-uploads and deal with them. Of course, there are a number of ways to protect your content but sometimes, they just don’t cut it.

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Luckily, there will be an end to this! YouTube has announced earlier this week that they are releasing a new Copyright Match tool! The new feature is designed to find re-uploads of your content on other channels and we have rounded all the details here.


A New Explore Feature

YouTube is running its latest experiment over the next few weeks. The platform will try new ways to get users to watch more content and is about to launch the test phase for a new ‘Explore’ tab on the iOS app. Viewers will see videos, topics and channels that they probably don’t see at the moment.

App Updates for Android

Android user rejoice! YouTube is rolling out some updates for the Android YouTube App. We can now finally use the Dark Theme that has been around on the iOS App since earlier this year and can now also browse incognito.

Dark Mode allows you to change the look of your app from the now white background to a darker appearance. Activating the new theme is easy, simply tap the account icon, go to settings, select ‘dark theme’ and you’re all set.

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Incognito Mode is quite similar to the feature on Google Chrome. When incognito, all search and watch activity will be cleared when you close the app. When activated, you can access the Home and Trending areas of the app but your subscriptions, library and inbox won’t be available. You also won’t be able to save any videos to your playlists.

To activate, head to the account section of your app and simply tap the ‘Turn on Ingocnito’. While using it, the app will show a bar at the bottom of your screen to remind you which mode you are browsing in.

Battling Fake News

In early July, YouTube announced a $25 million plan to improve their news delivery and to limit fake news and misinformation. The plan will focus on three key areas:

  • Offering more support and expanding the support team for news publishers
  • Supporting the production of news organizations’ video content in 20 markets across the globe
  • Collaborating with experts and news organisations to resolve any shortcomings and to improve how users consume news

YouTube also wants to roll out new news features to fight fake news. Those include expanding the breaking news section and features to make it easier to access local news. To provide viewers with more context to events, YouTube is working on including third-party content alongside videos with further information. This will curb misinformation in areas like history or science, where misinformation is not uncommon.

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