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YouTube to Test New ‘Explore’ Feature in iOS App

YouTube is running its latest experiment over the next few weeks. The platform will try new ways to get users to watch more content and is about to launch the test phase for a new ‘Explore’ tab on the iOS app. Viewers will see videos, topics and channels that they probably don’t see at the moment.

The test will affect around 1% of the YouTube iOS app users, so chances you might be involved are unfortunately very slim.

Instead of the ‘Trending’ tab at the bottom of the app, you will now see an ‘Explore’ tab. The trending content will be moved into a section of the Explore feature. Particularly interesting is the fact that all the recommendations will be personalized and based on the viewing activity of each user. Unlike the current way YouTube suggests content, the content feature here will truly be something you don’t usually see.

If you are one of the few to test out the new feature, YouTube is keen to hear your opinion. The feedback will quite heavily influence if the new tab will be rolled out to everyone in the future.

Of course, we would be delighted if you share your experience not only with YouTube but let us know how you got on with it as well. You can simply drop us a message or leave a comment!